Leading Up To Lock Down!

So it’s been approximately 2 1/2 months since I’ve last blogged, not by choice nor lack of want, but because life has been so crazy, seriously! Let me bring you up to speed and fill you in, my last post had to do with complete transparency and how I’d been struggling by taking things too personally and that was end of January. Here are some pictures of our memories since then.

RCLA partnered w/ the city of Lynwood for the Mayor’s Clergy Prayer Breakfast.

I was honored to have opened in prayer at the Kobe Bryant Memorial hosted by the City of Lynwood in front of hundreds of people.

RCLA joined a weekly Bible study for the Long Shoremen in Wilmington, CA where our next church plant will be.
Reformed Church L.A. Women’s Lenten Dinner

My beautiful wife Edna and daughter Natalia were invited to Lynwood’s Breakfast in honor of Women.

This is THE CREW… Tacos & Theology, a deep study of Reformed Theology. This group of fellas have committed to studying Geerhardus Vos’s Reformed Dogmatics.

And then… Corona Virus hit… and it hit hard. That’s a whole other blog just to be able to tell you how we’ve adapted, what we’ve done, where God has come through for His glory, as well as some of our struggles. It’s all good though because our God is in the heavens and He’s sovereign over ALL.

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